Free pattern: how to make a circular wall hanging

Wall hangings are becoming a fashionable trend. We can use them to decorate almost any room in the house, and if we make them ourselves we can customize them to our taste. We can make wall hangings using cardboard, wood, embroidery hoops… and choose the materials we like best. Today we are going to show […]

How to knit the two color Daisy Stitch

Break out your needles to learn how to knit this new stitch! It’s one of the most well known among knitters; we’re going to show you a classic: the daisy stitch. We wanted to add a special touch by combining two different colors of our Petite Wool, but you can knit it in one color […]

How to organize your yarn for knitting intarsia and jacquard

We all know how hard it is to concentrate when knitting projects in intarsia or Jacquard. Holding two or more colors at the same time, making sure the stitches come out perfectly…that’s enough to concentrate on without worrying about the different colors getting tangled together! That’s why we want to give you some ideas in […]

 What benefits does knitting have on your health?

Knitting is in! Just ask celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe or Krysten Ritter, who are proud to show off their knitting skills.     Besides making original and unique designs like those we offer in our knitting kits  you can improve your health thanks to the benefits that this hobby offers. […]

How to crochet a buttonhole

  Crochet offers unmatched flexibility compared to other needle crafts. We can make all kinds of garments and accessories quickly and easily, adapting them as we go.  Today we are going to show you how to make buttonholes in your garments so you can add buttons with no problems. Take your crocheted jackets up a […]

Free pattern: crochet mittens

To keep your hands warm in Winter, there’s nothing better than mittens made by yourself! It’s very easy to find mittens knitting patterns, but not so easy if what we want is crochet patterns. With this free pattern we’ll teach you how to make your own mittens using the softest and warmest yarn, besides they’ll […]

Hygge, the secret to happiness

Did you ever ask yourself what happiness is? Yes, today we’re feeling meta-philosophical at #weareknitters. True happiness resides in little things, or actions, that we already do without really giving them much thought. The Danish, the happiest people in the world, who have been practicing true happiness for more than 200 years, coined this phenomenon […]

How to take care of your Meriwool with Downy

We partnered with Downy to create this blog post. Let us guess – you’ve just finished your most recent exciting Meriwool project and you don’t know how to maintain it’s perfectly wooly conditions, right? We have the perfect solution for you, don’t worry!     Our Meriwool can be machine washed, but always with extreme […]