How to knit the Magic scarf


Today we show you a 2-in-1 tutorial, with a new kind of stitch to make… a magic scarf you could knit with your next WAK knitting kit!

You will feel very surprised when your knitted wool garment get scarf-shaped and you strech and drop the stitches.

You only have to knit half rows and strech, so your scarf will grow in double…That’s why we call it Magic Scarf!

At first, cast on10 stitches in one of your WAK wooden needles, and knit the rows like this:

Row 1: knit a stitch, make a loop, knit a stitch, make a loop .. And go on like this until you finish the row with a knitted stitch.

Now you have 19 stitches. Knit 30 rows in Stockinette stitch*, we mean:

Row 2: and all the even rows: purl all the stitches.

Row 3: ad all the odd rows: knit all the stitches.

Row 31: knit a stitch, drop a stitch, knit one stitch and drop a stitch… Go on like this until you finish the row with a knitted stitch.

(*In the explanation video we only have knitted 17 rows for showing you the technique, but you have to knit 30 rows to finish your scarf).

Stretch the garment carefully for dropping all the stitches from all the rows as we show you in the video, and cast off all the stitches to finish the work.

Now you can amaze everybody with your Chunky wool Magic Scarf… Super easy, don’t you think?

New tutorials, free pattterns and knitting tips, coming soon in WE ARE KNITTERS.

  1. I’m intrigued by the Magic Scarf. Is there a set amount of yarn/size needles required? Is there anyadditional information information on the size of the scarf or how to complete? The segment shown is beautiful!

  2. I’m a dedicated knitter of chunky knits, and am a fan of 25 mm./size 50 needles. Surely a similar loose, chunky stitch could be achieved more readily by using needles twice the size with the same yarn thickness suggested in stocking stitch?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

      If you use the same yarn and change the needles for 25mm, the stitches will come out wider – causing them to appear like an eyelet stitch.

      -Francesca and the WAK team

  3. Hi,

    Nice video. Quick question: How did your stitches end up with the legs in back on the last row (knitting in the back loop and dropping the YOs)?

    Thanks – Joanne

  4. Is it possible to knit a magic blanket? Any suggestions? I’m looking for a shorter execution time for prayer blankets for my local hospital. Thanks sharon

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Perhaps you could join several magic scarves together? 🙂 Happy knitting!

      Francesca and the WAK team

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