Free pattern: how to make a circular wall hanging


Wall hangings are becoming a fashionable trend. We can use them to decorate almost any room in the house, and if we make them ourselves we can customize them to our taste. We can make wall hangings using cardboard, wood, embroidery hoops… and choose the materials we like best.
Today we are going to show you how to make your own circular wall hanging with just a few materials. It’s a really fun craft!


To make your wall hanging you will need:

– Left over Wool and Petite Wool in your favorite colors
Pima Cotton to create the base of the wall hanging.

– A wooden embroidery hoop in any size, we used a 6 inch hoop. You will only be using the inner ring.
– Scissors and a tapestry needle

The first thing we are going to do is make the warp of our wall hanging using the Pima cotton. We will be working our design over this thread structure, so it is important to take your time and prepare it carefully 🙂

Make a knot on the inner ring of the embroidery hoop with the cotton, and place the yarn as shown in the image above.


Wrap the yarn around the embroidery hoop from front to back and bottom to top through the inside of the ring until the yarn is on top again. This step is very important, so enlarge the image to make sure you see how it is done.


Now bring the yarn through the hoop again over the strand from the previous step. You will have made a figure eight around the hoop, but this time place the yarn about an inch to the right of the first.


Repeat the above steps until you have gone all the way around the circumference of the hoop, the warp forms a sort of star with all the threads crossed in the center. The center is a bit chaotic, so let’s fix it.



Wrap the yarn around the center strands a couple of times to straighten them out.



Tie the end of the yarn to the edge of the hoop. Our warp is finished, and now comes the fun part.


Cut a few lengths of wool yarn, both thick and thin, in the colors that you want to combine.

Start in the center by weaving the yarn between the cotton threads of the warp, just as we would for a rectangular wall hanging.


Go around the center completely until you reach the starting point. There’s not an exact method to create your wall hanging, you can weave your yarn into all of the threads, skip one or two…the trick is to experiment!


Once you have done a few rounds with the first color, change to thicker yarn and repeat in the same way. These wall hangings look best by combining textures. You can even add a satin ribbon in a bright color.


To change from one yarn to another, just leave a few inches of both yarns on the wrong side. Later you can use the tapestry needle to weave in the ends to secure them.


As you can see in the section where we used the thicker yarn we skipped every other thread to make the difference in textures of the two yarns really stand out.


Keep adding rounds in different colors and types of yarn until you reach the desired size. Don’t work right up to the edge of the wooden hoop, leave a bit of space.


Once you have finished making your wall hanging make sure to weave in any ends on the wrong side. Then you can hang it on the wall like a picture, or just place it on a shelf as a decorative piece. We think several wall hangings in different sizes would look great hung up on the wall together 🙂

If you are looking for more ways to make wall hangings with leftover cotton or wool, we have some other ideas for you. Everybody start making wall hangings!

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