Free Pattern: Wool cowl for your pet


Today we bring you a very original pattern, so your pet can be the most fashionable around town.

Although it’s technically Spring, the cold has yet to break and so this wool cowl is perfect to protect your pet from the cold, especially if it’s a small breed that feels the cold the most.

When wearing this accessory, they’ll be even cuter than before, not to mention the most modern in the neighborhood.

Grab a pen, some paper, and a crochet hook, and let’s get to work!

You’ll need the following materials to crochet our wool cowl for pets:

  • A 100 gram ball of cotton yarn, we chose the color Light Yellow because it’s very springlike, and will look great on your pet.
  • A 5mm crochet hook (US 8)
  • A tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • And want to have some fun 🙂

Wool cowl for your pet

Let’s get started!

The first thing we need to do is to measure the circumference of our pet’s neck. In this example, we’re a going to make a cowl that measures 16.5 x 4 inches, perfect for fitting a small breed, but you can adapt the pattern to the size of your pet by adding a few chain stitches to make it a bit wider.

Step 1. Chain as many stitches as necessary to reach the diameter of your pet’s neck.

Wool cowl for your pet

Step 2. To make this cowl we’re going to use double crochet, a quick and easy stitch, which also gives us a little stretch in our project, making it easier to slip on and off our pet’s neck.

Wool cowl for your pet

Work as many rows as you need to reach the desired width.

At the end of each row, we turn our work and continue crocheting in the same manner. For the cowl in our example, we worked 10 rows.

Step 3. When we reach the desired height, we finish off our project with single crochets along the last row.

Step 4. With a tapestry needle, we join both ends of our project together and that’s it! Our wool cowl is ready to be worn by our pets!

Wool cowl for your pet

This cowl can be adapted for any type of pet, just ask this little bunny, who is definitely going to be the fashion sensation of his rabbit hole.

Wool cowl for your pet

What do you think? Want to try?

What we really, really want is to see all of your “best friends” wearing their finished wool cowls 😉

Share your photos with the WAK Community using the hashtag #WeAreKnitters.

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