Sometimes, we come across a stitch that is especially difficult to master. To keep your spirits high when you encounter one, we’re here to help. This time, we’ll show how to make a right-leaning double decrease in two different ways, so you can choose which one is more comfortable or simple for you to do. […]

How to work mock double crochet

The edges of the fabric, when we’re talking about crochet, are always for many a matter of frustration and improvement. Sometimes the transition from one row to the other is too noticeable if made with chains and we aren’t able to make it completely disguised. Especially if, for example, they are the front pieces of […]

How to knit lace cables

You always see other people’s projects made of beautiful, complicated stitches, and you wonder how they do it, while you’re stuck using the same old simple stitch you learned a long time ago…. well, what are you waiting for?! You just need a little patience and time to learn. We are going to show you […]

Sådan strikker du den samme maske to gange

Vi elsker at lave vores eget strik, og vi har en forkærlighed for sweatre og toppe, i forhold til alt det andet tøj i vores klædeskab. Ind i mellem kan strik være en smule besværligt, som for eksempel når vi laver udtagninger for at forme ærmer, eller en anden særlig facon, og vi skal strikke […]