How to knit almond stitch


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As soon as the coldest days of winter pass, we feel like breaking out the freshest fibers and starting to knit spring essentials. Do you have a lace jacket yet? The one you take out on days that are sunny but still cool? May we suggest this simple and beautiful stitch that you can use to make it.

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For this step by step, we’re using one skein of Recycled yarn and our 5 mm knitting needles.

Before we get into the instructions, as always, here’s a short list of the stitches that will be helpful for you to know (or to review):

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To begin to knit this stitch, you should cast on a multiple of 3 stitches plus 2 extra.

3 stitch cross

When knitting this stitch, we’re going to tell you to do a 3 stitch cross. Work the cross like this: with the yarn behind the work, skip the first 2 stitches on the left needle and insert the right needle into the third stitch to knit it. Without dropping the stitches from the needle, knit the first stitch that you skipped and then knit the second stitch you skipped. Drop the 3 stitches from the left needle.

Now here’s a video so you can picture that more clearly:

Let’s get knitting!

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Row 1: start by knitting 1 stitch. Then *3 stitch cross*, repeat from * to * until there is only 1 stitch left, knit 1.

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Row 2: purl all stitches

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Row 3: knit all stitches

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Row 4: purl all stitches

To continue knitting the stitch, you should repeat rows 1 to 4 until you reach the desired length for your project.

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We hope that this tutorial about the almond stitch will be useful for you! I’m sure you’re already thinking about how you’re going to wear your little jacket, right? We hope you’ll show us the projects that you use this stitch with on social media using the hashtag #weareknitters 🙂

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