What to do with your WE ARE KNITTERS wool once you finish your project-a necklace


Hi knitters!

Today we want to share with you another tutorial about what to do with your unused chunky WE ARE KNITTERS wool. This is a really nice option to knit the wool you have not knitted from your we are knitters kits.

This idea is perfect when you don’t have too much wool, but hey! We love so much our wool that we use all of it!

The first thing you need to do is to take one of your knitting needles. You will use one and a half times the length of the needle. Do this 6 times.

By using the needle‘s length, the necklace will have just the perfect size.

Once you have done the previous step 6 times, cut the thread and fold it into 6 equal parts.

Now you will start to create the braid in the central part of your project. This way you’ll be able to customize both sides of the necklace and the braid will be in the center.

The wool braid is a very basic one. You’ll need to do it using two threads. This way it will look much thicker (and cooler).

Once you are done, you can use whatever thread you like the most. We have used a golden one, but you can use a fluorescent thread, silvery, one made of silk or whatever color you may prefer. You can also use different colors at one time giving the ethnic look that is so ‘in’ this season!

Once you finish customizing the wool, tie a knot with the thread and cut both sides so they have the same size.

Now you only need a closing piece you will find at any thrift store around your area to close your necklace!



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