How to knit your own pocket


Hi knitters!

Today we are sharing with you another super easy pattern to do with your we are knitters wool.

Like we’ve doing the past weeks. today’s idea is a nice way to use the unused wool of your knitting kit. If you have some wool and you don’t know what to do, here you have a good idea: a mini pocket to keep your cards, your keys, your phone or whatever you want!

We did it in Garter Stitch, but you can do it in Stockinette Stitch, Moss Stitch, etc.

Step 1. Cast on 10 stitches in one of your WAK knitting needles.

Step 2. Knit 31 rows.

Step 3. Sew the sides. Help yourself with the little knitter’s sewing needle. Leave a little space in order to close your pocket.

Step 4. Sew the clasp. You can add a bow to make it prettier if you want.

WAK’s advice:

If you want to use it as a bag, you can sew a handle. It will make your bag perfect for going out and have dinner, to take a walk with your friends, etc.



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