Hi knitters,

today we are sharing with you all our simple patterns to knit accessories with we are knitters´ wool!


The Mini-Bag was an idea that we already showed to you in our blog a few time ago. It’s a super simple pattern to knit yourself a nice bag and use the unused wool of your knitting kit. In this mini bag you can keep your cards, your keys, your phone or whatever you want.

We did it in Garter Stitch, but you can do it in Stockinette Stitch, Moss Stitch, etc.

When you want to see the pattern for the mini bag : click here.


Another simple pattern, which was very successful, is the Twisted Necklace.

This is a really nice option, when you have left a little bit of the thick wool of we are knitters left. Do it yourself and make your own necklace. We already received a lot of photos of our knitters and would be happy to see also your result!

 When you want to see the pattern for the twisted necklace : click here.

Our last simple pattern of our blog is a collar out of the thick we are knitters’ wool. Therefore you need also a rest of we are knitter´s wool. This collar you can wear with your favorite tees or sweaters. Do it yourself!

 When you want to see the pattern for the collar : click here.

We wish you a lot of fun with our simple patterns and would be happy to see the result!



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