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Valentine’s Day is almost here, a perfect date for gifts made with love. So, in WE ARE KNITTERS we launch four new and very special knitting kits: Nico Scarf, Pedro Collar, Romi Scarf and Tonio Poncho. After the successful collection ‘Winter Blossom’, we have partnered once again Parisian designer Morgane Mathieu. 

Morgane Mathieu in the shooting

This new collection is perfect for knitters who love to knit garments for boyfriends, friends, family… We always think of female knitters, but more and more men have joined to the ‘knitting revolution’. Morgane explains this idea for her new collection: “As for my friends, almost all of the guys who’ve seen me knitting have either asked me to knit something for them, or to teach them how to knit. I also noticed on social networks that knitting is becoming more and more popular beyond men, so I decided to design the Valentine collection. Unisex patterns of clothes and accessories that can be knitted and/or worn by both guys and girls”.

Cada vez hay más knitters hombres

Tonio Poncho's shooting

Wool yarn balls and wooden needles from WE ARE KNITTERS helped Morgane to get inspired. According to her, her new knitting supplies surprised everybody: “Since I’ve started working with WE ARE KNITTERS, I knit all the time, everywhere. In the metro, in bars and restaurants. WE ARE KNITTERS’s huge needles are hard to miss ! So a lot of strangers, men or women, come up to me to ask me questions about knitting, both amused and intrigued by what I’m doing”. You can know more about Morgane Mathieu on her website and blog.

WAK yarn balls and needles are for men too

Men also knit

Everybody knows how relaxing is knitting, but creating something for your beloved is very satisfying. Is there something more special than something handmade? We agree Morgane about this point: “I think knitters like to share their knits, and a handknitted piece is a great gift : my friends always love it when I give them something I’ve knitted for them as a gift, because it’s unique, custom made, and they know that it’s something I put a lot of time and attention”.

Nico Scarf

Pedro Collar

Romi Scarf

Tonio Poncho

Still don’t have any gift for Valentine’s Day? No more excuses! And if you share your creations and happiness faces of your beloved, even better! Remember: use the hashtag #weareknitters for social media 😉

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