Free pattern: Fabric Yarn Basket


Hi knitters!

Easter is almost here and so we’re going to teach you how to make a basket from WAK fabric yarn so that you can stash your chocolate eggs or one using our cotton yarn balls so you can learn to knit the most summery patterns!

Fabric yarn basket

With a yarn ball of white fabric and a little bit of fluorescent fabric that you have left over from some of your WAK knitting kits, you will be able to make this simple little basket in crochet.

Fabric yarn basket

Once it is crocheted, you can make the embroidery on the sides of the basket with the help of the little sewing needle and create original drawings with fluorescent fabric or with the color that you prefer.

We hope that you enjoy Easter, the chocolate and the next tutorials and free patterns from WE ARE KNITTERS.

Download the free pattern for the basket in PDF here.

*At the moment, Fabric Yarn is only available in the UK and Europe, but check back soon for the US and Canada 😉

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