How to make a knitter chain necklace


Hi knitters!

Today we’ve made you a tutorial so that you can get the most out of the fabric yarn and Pima cotton that you have leftover from some of your We Are Knitters knitting kits.

With a few strands of yarn, a WAK crochet needle and any chain that you have in your house (or that you could buy in a craft store) you’ll be able to make the coolest necklace of the season.

With your crochet needle, crochet 10 chains on a strand of fabric yarn folded in half and cast off the last chain with a slip stitch.


With a strand of fabric yarn of another color, poke through the second chain at one of the ends to start making a slip stitch on each chain of the previous row and make 8 slip stitches (until you only have one chain remaining at the other end) in this way.

Cast off the stitches with a slip stitch.

For each of the slip stitches on the end, tie together some strands of Pima cotton, attaching the links of the chain to the fabric, as shown in the image and hide the remaining cotton with the help of the little sewing needle.

You will have your stylish and colorful knitter necklace ready for summer!

To make this tutorial, we have used We Are Knitters fabric yarn and 100% Pima cotton wool, a 15 mm crochet needle and a golden chain.

*Fabric yarn is only available in the UK and Europe at the moment, but don’t worry USA, we’re coming for you soon.

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