How to make garlands with fabric yarn


Hi knitters!

Today we are showing you how to make 3 different types of garlands with fabric that you have left over from one of your WAK knitting kits so that you can surprise your guests on birthdays, celebrations… or by hanging them through branches as decoration for your summer dinners on the patio. It’s very simple and the result is spectacular!

We’ll start by showing you the simplest type of garland.

You just have to tie little pieces of fabric in various colors to a long piece of raffia ribbon or fabric that you will hang on the wall or in the any space that you want in order to give it a little splash of color. The more colors you use, the more beautiful it will be!

This other type of garland is made with fabric tassels

In order to make the tassels, cut a rectangular piece of cardboard measuring about 5 cm and wrap some strands of fabric around it. Cut the strands at one of the ends, so that you create the “fringe” of the tassel. Tie another strand around the strands, creating the upper part of the tassel and then put another strand of fabric where the cardboard was. String the tassels onto a strand of raffia ribbon or fabric and now your garland is ready.

Have you ever tried to make a garland of pompoms? You just have to make pompoms with fabric in the same way that you did with wool and attach them to a strand of raffia ribbon or fabric to create a garland of pompoms.

We hope that you try out these three different ways of making garlands with WAK fabric and tell us which one you like most!

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