How to make Xmas stars


Hi Knitters!!

Today we want to knit Xmas stars that are going to look awesome for your decorations! You can hang them on your Christmas tree. You can use different yarn balls so that you don’t need to throw away the rest of the threads. We really love our wool Xmas decoration 🙂

Xmas stars

You only need yarn, glue and little tacks to start making your stars.

1. Prepare a bowl with 1/4 of water and ¾ of glue.
Choose a surface (cork for example) and mark the several vertexes of the stars with the tacks.

3. Keep a thread of wool to be able to hang the start later and start making the figures with the tacks and the yarn.

4. Refill your stars with yarn and shape some forms inside them.

Now you only need to wait until the glue is dry and hang them on your tree or around your place!

You can use different colors and WAK yarn balls to make stars. Have a look on our yarn ball catalogue and you will be spoilt for choice! 😉

For this post we have used a 100% wool yarn ball in red. 

Don’t forget to share your Xmas wool decoration with us on Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters. We can’t wait to see your stars!

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