Reasons to knit with wooden needles


Hi knitters!

Why do we advise using wooden needles? What are the main advantages compared to other needles? In this post, we answer all the questions you always wanted to ask about wooden knitting needles 😉

You can find different knitting needles made with wood, metal, plastic but… why should you use wooden needles?

–          They have no nickel, so they don’t cause any skin allergies

–          You won’t wear them down because of the use, like you might with metal needles.  What’s more, our needles are naturally varnished, so they will look better in the future 😉

–          Wooden needles have a warm and special touch. We really love this!

–          The rounded tip is great because needles don’t damage yarn while you knit your garment

–          They are lighter than others. When we have been knitting for a hour, this is very important!

–          They don’t slide in your fingers, great for beginners who need to concentrate on knitting.

–          They’re so silent that you don’t have to worry about that characteristic annoying noise of metal needles. Nowadays we can knit everywhere, even in planes, so we don’t disturb anybody with this kind of noise.

Wooden needles are the best option for beginner and advanced knitters both!

These are some good reasons for using wooden needles, but we’re sure every knitter will have his own reasons. Post your pics on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters and tell us why you love your amazing WAK wooden knitting needles.

Reasons to knit with wooden needles

WAK loves the environment! That’s why we always use our ecofriendly wooden needles.

You can find different sizes of our wooden needles at our website: 5mm, 8mm, 15mm and even our crochet hook. And you also can choose among our wonderful wool, cotton and fabric yarn balls 😉

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