More uses for your WAK paper bags


Hi knitters!

Our packaging is one of our main characteristics due to our recycled Kraft paper bags, where you can find our yarn balls and needles. Did you know you can reuse them? Today we felt creative, so we want to show you new ideas to recycle your WAK paper bags 😉

–         Don’t throw your bags away! You can take your yarn balls and needles always with you, of course! But you can use them as a new ecofriendly shopping bag. It’s very easy to make: just cut a rectangle with your scissors 4 cm down of the upper base. The measures of this rectangle must be 4 cm in length and 12 cm in width. And the final tip will be to tape down this rectangle on the inside so you won’t hurt your hands 😉

–          You can create the most original magazine rack! You will keep ordered your books and magazines. And it will give a trendy and ecofriendly touch to your living room. Your hipster friends will be jealous! You have to insert one bag inside another. Cut the upper side of the outer bag and bend the borders of the inner bag after making two small cuts on both sides on it. That’s the way to create this beautiful effect. And it’s valid for the two next ideas!

–         You can make the most original popcorn bag. You only need a WAK paper bag, scissors and your creativity.

–         You can also create a handmade plant pot. A perfect rustic touch for your house!

–        Are you preparing a gift, but then you realize you don’t have wrapping paper? :S No worries! You can customize our WAK paper bags with wool leftovers!

These are our favorite new uses, but we’re sure you will find more new amazing ideas! You can share your pictures showing more new recycling uses on Instagram, using the hashtag #weareknitters. 

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