Free pattern for Mother’s Day


There is no one like your mother…

Because they are always there when we need them, because we love them, because we understand them, because we are always dependent on them (even though we are going gray…), because they always give the best advice, because they are capable of fixing anything quickly…for this and for many other reasons, our mother deserves everything and more.

To celebrate this day and pamper the queen of the house who gives us all the kisses in the world, we can surprise her with a special cushion that we have made with our own hands…just like the pictures and macaroni necklace you used to make her 🙂

Mother's Day Cushion- We Are Knitters


Try out this beautiful bicolor cushion, with the word MOM embroidered that will leave even the strictest mother speechless.

Free Pattern for Mother’s Day

How to knit it:

  1. Cast on 32 stitches on one of your wooden needles with Color A.
  2. Knit rounds 1 through 50 with the stockinette stitch, which is:
  • Odd rounds: knit all stitches
  • Even rounds: purl all stitches

Finish all of the stitches.

How to finish off and join the project:

  1. Embroider the motif with color B in the part that you have knit with color A. Use your sewing needle and the scheme in reverse to help: if you don’t know how to do it, you can consult the tutorial ¨How to embroider your garments in a fake jacquard pattern¨ that you will find on our blog.
  2. Close your cushion sewing the sides with help from your sewing needle. Leave a little hole where you can fill the pillow.
  3. When you finish sewing your cushion, make a knot and camouflage the extra thread between the stitches of the project.


For more help, watch the tutorial to see how to join your knitted work:


For our cushion, we have used 15mm wooden needles and 3 Fabric Yarn balls in Wine and White.

Do you dare to leave your mother speechless on her day? Knit it, give it to her, and show us her reaction in the moment on  Instagram with the hashtag #weareknitters. We can’t wait to see her reaction!

Download the pattern here

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