Placemat with leftover wool


We are always looking for new ways to make use of even the last centimeter of wool from our WAK kits! To welcome the springtime and the lovely weather it will bring, today, we are going to make a placemat in the shape of a flower with the wool yarn we have leftover.

Placemats with leftover wool

You will need rather thick wool and a crochet needle in order to make this beautiful placemat that you can later use as a table setting or as decoration in the center of the table…

Step 1 - Placemats with leftover wool
Start making three chains and join them with a slip stitch. You will see that there is a hole in the center where we are going to add the next stitches.

Step 2 - Placemats with leftover wool
Now add another 3 chains. These chains count like 1 treble crochet and you should take that into account at a later point.

Step 3 - Placemats with leftover wool
Step 4 - Placemats with leftover wool
Make 15 treble crochets in the hole that formed when you joined the first chains. Go on filling the hole completely. When you are done you will have 16 treble crochets, the ones you just made plus the three chains you made in the step before. It will look exactly like in the second photo of this step.

Step 5 - Placemats with leftover wool
Make 3 chains again.

Step 6 - Placemats with leftover wool
Now we are going to work on the first row of stitches which will serve us to make the petals of our flower.

With the 3 chains finished, leave out the next stitch and introduce the crochet needle into the following stitch. Make a slipped stitch and afterwards 3 chains. Leave out the next stitch and repeat again, making a slipped stitch and 3 chains.

Continue like this the whole row and end with a slipped stitch that joins the first and last stitch of the row. Your flower now has a number of small petals with a hole in each one just as you can see in the photo.

Step 7 - Placemats with leftover wool
In that last row we are going to fill these petals. In order to complete the next row, work in the space shaped by the chains of the previous row. Don’t do the stitches so that they cross the chains but rather make use of the big hole between them and the first round of treble crochets we did.

In every hole (corresponding to a petal), make 1 double crochet, 3 treble crochets and another double crochet. Repeat these steps in all of the petals of the flower and finish by joining the beginning and end of the row with a slipped stitch.

Now you just have to hide the threads remaining from beginning and end! And with this your placemat in the shape of a flower is finished:

Step 8 - Placemats with leftover wool
You can also add some variations to the design using wool of different colors in each of the rows, making it even more original.

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