Free pattern: Fabric yarn carpet


Surely you’ve seen a lot of crochet carpets with fabric yarn, but did you know that you can also combine fabric yarn and cotton to achieve a super unique look?

carpet 1

With the help of this post, you’ll learn how to crochet a carpet or placemat in a fast and easy way. If you’re bored on the weekend there is no better way to pass the time!

carpet 2

To make your carpet or placemat, prepare a ball of fabric yarn and a few leftover balls of cotton in different colors. Oh, and don’t forget your 5mm crochet hook!

carpet 3
Start making a magic ring with 6 stitches with the crochet hook and a thread of cotton. If you don’t know how to make a magic ring, check out this post.

carpet 4

Make an increase in each stitch, so that at the end you have 12 stitches in the row. We are going to work in a spiral, so you don’t need to join each row at the end.

carpet 5
carpet 6
carpet 7

Add the fabric yarn by placing the thread over the next stitch and then lay the thread of cotton around it. When you have done a single crochet, it will look like the example in the following picture. Crochet another single crochet in the same way.

Don’t worry about the end of the fabric yarn, we are going to take it up again later on.

carpet 8

Complete the row in the same way we did the stitch before, making an increase in all stitches and working around the thread of fabric yarn.

carpet 9

As you can see in the image above, every time we crochet a row with increases the fabric yarn is covered by the cotton and hardly visible. To avoid that crochet two or three rows in single crochet.

carpet 10

To give the carpet a more interesting look you can combine different colors of cotton. If you don’t know how to change the color of your thread in crochet, check out this post.

carpet 11

If you notice that your carpet starts to roll up slightly, don’t worry that’s normal. Depending on its size and the tension you crochet with, it is bound to roll up sooner or later. When it starts to happen, simply crochet a single crochet followed by a chain. This will allow you to keep going on increasing stitches for the next row, but without covering the fabric yarn with the increases as had happened before when we increased all the stitches in the row.

Crochet a whole row in single crochet followed by a chain.

carpet 12
Afterwards, crochet two or three rows in single crochet, without increases or extra chains.

carpet 13
Continue in that manner until you have used up all the fabric yarn or until you have reached your desired length. Remember to always mix rows in single crochet with rows in single crochet + chains.

In order to finish the carpet, crochet a slip stitch, and cut the thread of cotton and of fabric yarn, leaving a few centimeters to weave it into the carpet. Afterwards also weave in the rest of the threads on the back of the carpet.

carpet 14
We really love the fun touch the mix of colors gives the carpet! And before you know it, you’ll have finished a pretty and colorful carpet that you can use to decorate any corner of your house! Everyone will be asking where you got it from 🙂

In our example we have used light gray fabric yarn, and cotton in the colors orange, beige and blue, and a 5MM crochet hook. Check out all of our yarn here to pick your favorites for your carpet! And don’t forget to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #weareknitters.

*At the moment, Fabric Yarn is only available in the UK and Europe. But not to worry Americans, we’re coming for you next 😉


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