Free Pattern: Halloween Crochet Cat Ears


Today we want to give you a gift of a free Halloween themed pattern: Crochet Cat Ears!

Crochet Cat Ears

Halloween is just around the corner, get ready to celebrate this spooky day.

Do you know what origin of this Celtic holiday is?

Its roots can be found in the Celtic commemoration of Samhain and the Christian festival of All Saints Day – celebrated on the 1st of November.

Although what is really important is the holiday, where we celebrate with scary stories, costumes, and horror movies!

Whether you are someone who comes disguised with the kids, looking for candy and saying “Trick or Treat”, or if you stay home, celebrating the spookiness from inside, make sure you get dressed for the occasion!

We will surprise you with this super easy kit – with it you’ll stand out from everyone, since it is all made for you 😉

To knit your Cat Ears, we recommend you use 5MM crochet needles.

For our set, we have used cotton in black and grey. What cotton colors will you use? Will you maintain the same throughout, or perhaps mix your colors?

Free Halloween Pattern

Don’t forget to put your photos on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WeAreKnitters for your chance to be entered to win up to €70 every month!

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