Free Pattern: Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland


There are only a few days left until the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, and as usual, from lack of time, we leave everything for the last minute. Still don’t have a special gift…?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you, today we bring you a really simple tutorial to get you out of a jam and come out looking good.

We’re going to crochet a very romantic Valentine’s Day garland, to decorate our house and surprise our special someone (or our cat) 😉

We’ll start with the tutorial post where we taught you to make these fun crocheted pennants.

Step 1: We’ll crochet 4 triangular pennants with petite wool yarn balls in white and we’ll show you how to later add letters to spell the word “Love” in the following steps.

Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland

Step 2: with red petite wool make as many chain stitches you feel necessary to make the letters to decorate the pennants.

Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland

Step 3: using pins (with hearts, of course!) and patience, we’ll form the chains into letters for each of the pennants, here the letter “L”.

Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland

Step 4: once we have all the letters pinned in place on the pennants, we’ll hide the excess yarn tails with red thread and with the needle, we’ll sew the chains onto their pennants.

Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland

Step 5: next we have to join the pennants with a strand of red wool.

Crocheted Valentine’s Day Garland

The last thing left to do is to hang it in your favorite spot in your house and let romance take over.

You can be as creative as you want and add more decorative elements such as hearts, crochet the edges of the pennants in red, or make a few more pennants and alternate colors.

Very fast and easy to do, wasn’t it?

Share your designs with us and the whole WAK community, post your photos on Instagram or Twitter using hashtag #weareknitters, you’ll automatically be entered in our monthly drawing to win 70€ worth of WAK products.

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