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Today we’re bringing you a cool and fun DIY project for your home; a pompom rug! It can be made with little pompoms, big pompoms, medium-sized pompoms…and of course, in the colors that best go with the room that you’re making it for. You can make it in any size you like and only need a few materials.
You’ll need:


– Lots of pompoms! We mean LOTS of them! Use scraps of Wool and Petite Wool leftover from your WAK projects. You can also make a different version with leftover cotton, but keep in mind that you’ll need more cotton and that it’ll come out a little differently than the wool version.

-A Non-slip rug pad. It is generally sold in rolls and comes in different sizes. We recommend choosing one that has large holes.

– Tapestry needle.

– Scissors.

Let’s get to work!


First things first: you’re going to have to make a lot of pompoms. If you don’t know how, check out our post about <how to make pompoms using a piece of cardboard> We recommend making at least two different sizes of pompoms for this project, so that your final result has more depth and color. When tying your pompoms, make sure to leave yarn tails that are several inches long in order to use them later to sew the pompoms to the rug pad.

Don’t be stingy with those pompoms! You’re going to need more than you think to get a thick and soft carpet 🙂

Once you’ve finished all your pompoms, cut the rug pad to the size you it to be. Start laying out your pompoms to help plan how you want the colors to line up in the end.


Now it’s time to start assembling the rug. Thread your tapestry needle with the tail end of yarn that you left on each pompom and then put it into one of the holes in the rug pad. This will be the back of the rug. Place the larger pompoms in this fashion, making sure you like the composition.


If you are pleased with the layout, tie the pompoms on the backside of the rug. To do so, you’ll need to make a knot with the tail ends of each pompom, and then use scissors cut off the extra yarn.


To add depth and give your project a special touch, add the smaller pompoms. Place them around the edge, or to fill in any bald spots between the bigger pompoms… whatever your heart’s desire. Mix the colors to get unique and eye-catching results.

Join these smaller pompoms in the same way you did the larger ones, by making a knot on the back of the rug.


And that’s it! A super cute and cozy pompom rug. Since it’s made on a non slip rug pad, you can place it anywhere and not have to worry about slipping or sliding – it’s the perfect complement to decorate any room.

Did it ever come to you to make something like this with your WAK wool? Don’t forget to show us photos of your pompom rug with #weareknitters and @weareknitters!

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