Free Pattern: Studio Knit Christmas Balls



Can you feel it? The people, the streets, the weather… Christmas is almost here!

Still wondering how you can get started decorating you home? You already know that you need to give your home a touch of a little something special magic to capture the season, so what better way than knitting your own decor?


We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Studio Knit to bring you the perfect Christmas Balls to put on your tree or around your home these holidays. One of our favorite parts? You can make them in an almost infinite combination of colors in our Petite Wool! 


By following the tutorial video made by Studio Knit and our exclusive pattern, you’ll be able to easily make all the Christmas Balls you need this season. And to get your knitting off to a strong start, we’re offering you 20% off your purchase with the coupon code STUDIOKNITWAK (valid from 11/16/16 to 12/16/16)

What do you need to knit this pattern?

2 Skeins of Petite Wool

A pair of 8mm (US 11)  knitting needles

Oh and did we mention that we’re having an amazing giveaway where you can will all the supplies above to knit your own set?! You can easily enter here to win everything you need to knit your own set (and don’t forget to share with your friends too for their chance!).

The downloadable pattern below (just fill out the form!)


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