Love is in the glove


Valentine’s Day, oh Valentine’s Day! The date is here again, unfit for diabetics, marked in our calendars with hearts crossed by cruel arrows…

In #weareknitters we love love, that’s why we want this Valentine’s day you hit the bell with a very original present, beyond flowers or chocolates.


Thinking about what to do to celebrate this February the 14th we came up with plenty ideas: a plane writing in the sky the name of our beloved (a little out of budget), a rose bouquet made with candy (to much money on the dentist), to to shout out a song with a live band and dedicate it, like Heath Ledger in 10 things I hate about you (maybe a bit excessive and, where are we gonna find a college band?). Anyway, that’s how we brainstorm…


Frustrated with our little worthy ideas for our dear knitters, we looked through the window and we came out with the perfect idea for a present! With this arctic cold wave, what’s better than a pair of gorgeous mittens with a heart in the middle of each hand?

Of course, no one beats us in originality… Try making this gorgeous mittens with our soft balls of Petite wool. You can choose from many color combinations!



Here’s the pattern so you let your imagination fly away and design your own mittens.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



You’ll need:


Click on the image to get the free pattern

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