“I knit’’


More and more often we hear it from the mouths of men, “I knit’’. Breaking stereotypes and clichés that have been assigned by society for decades, men knit too, and very well we might add.

There are many men who practice knitting as a hobby, in their free time to escape from the routine of work, or just for the pleasure of disconnecting and making something with their own hands that is rewarded at the end. Whatever their reason, we love to see them knitting, but we especially love to see that more men are getting on board with the knitting craze.

Described as a type of active meditation, it helps us concentrate, to relax and focus on a continuous activity. Repeating stitches over and over produces a relaxing effect on our organism that is known as “relaxation response”.

Knitting is recommended for young and old, since it considerably improves fine motor skills and stimulates the brain. It helps the brain to stay active and work passively. And men are more and more aware of this, so much so that not only have they stopped knitting in private, but they have created groups or associations where men interested in knitting can share the experience amongst themselves.

Víctor Rojas and Marco Orellana are members of the group ‘Hombres tejedores’ (Chile) and here they tell us about their experiences in this passionate world:  

Víctor Rojas (@palilloylana):

‘’I started to knit 3 and half years ago. When I was little I asked my grandmother to teach me how to knit, but my father wouldn’t let me. He preferred that I play with cars or swords. 

That’s why I didn’t know anything about knitting until about 4 years ago when I decided to learn, so I bought myself some needles, yarn and I learned thanks to video tutorials on YouTube and that’s how I began.

After awhile I discovered Hombres Tejedores in Chile (Men that Knit) and I started to meet up with them until they asked me to join the group. 

What happens for me with knitting is that it helps me to think, I relax, especially when I have too many things on my mind or decisions to make. I knit, and after awhile I start to think about things and make decisions. It also helps me to relax. I like to knit at home and also at the beach, parks, alone or with company, with knitting needles or crochet hook. 

I’m also a teacher, and I love to teach knitting whenever I have the opportunity. ’’

Marco Orellana (@marhoop85):

“I started knitting more than 8 years ago, my grandmother loved crafting, cooking and among her hobbies was knitting, so I learned a lot from her. 

One day she asked me if I wanted to learn and I said yes and so I learned how to knit, it was great to join the yarn and needles together, that experience and moment was magical and my love of knitting was born. For me knitting has a very emotional connection and I associate it with my grandmother, I called her Lila. I always think about her. Her last few years I spent many hours knitting with her and it’s something really beautiful and it connects me to other people. 

Ever since I joined Hombres Tejedores, knitting has helped me connect with wonderful people, not only in Chile but with people from different cultures and with different ideologies and we connect through our love and passion for knitting”.

Another great friend of the WAK family is Helios, if you have a minute we recommend visiting his profile, you are sure to fall in love with his creations just as we have!

Helios (@subostitch),

‘’My first encounter with the marvelous world of knitting happened many years ago. It was during winter 2011. I was desperately trying to find a thick enough hat; I wanted one made from really thick wool. It was impossible to find one anywhere until I found a knitting kit that came with a pattern that was exactly what I was looking for! It was my moment, I got out my credit card and I bought that kit right away.

When I got it I was impatient to start the challenge ahead of me, even if you don’t believe me it was a real challenge for me. To start right away I had prepared by watching tutorials on Internet that explained the basic steps to knitting. And that’s how I made my first stitch and wound up addicted to this passion!

I loved creating garments with my own hands using just a strand of yarn and two needles, so much so that I wanted to keep learning with a snood, then another hat, then a scarf, then a vest, then…. A funny story, when I was a student I used to knit a lot all the time! I knitted on public transportation because I commuted about 2 hours a day. I also knitted in class: the teachers didn’t say anything because contrary to what you might think, they realized that knitting helped me to concentrate in class, sometimes they lasted up to 4 hours. That was a great time because it was really productive for me!

I even noticed that my knitting around my classmates got some of them to start knitting too.

Today, knitting is part of my life and I can’t imagine being without a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles in my pocket! If you look at it closely, you see that this art has given me a lot: knitting is relaxing, creative, useful, manual…and the construction of knots! In fact, for me to realize this, I just had to pay attention to the people around me when I knitted in public: people are usually surprised and intrigued when they realize I’m a guy knitting, and young! Some people come up to talk to me and say how rare it is and they think it’s great. They also ask what I’m making and if they can touch the yarn I’m using!

Recently, I had the opportunity to join a group of brilliant knitters from inland Cannes that organize a knitting circle that meets twice a month in the park at Château de Mouans Sartoux. Knitting is a true social network that I admire immensely: I’m proud to be part of the exceptional knitting community (or should I see “Big Family”) because it is full of incredible people just waiting for one thing: to share their passion!

I’d like to end my little story by saying that knitting knows no age or gender: I am a 27 year old man that works in a building and is happy and proud to be a knitter. So if you want to start knitting, for whatever reason, don’t think twice. But be careful, you may get addicted, and don’t say I didn’t warn you”!

So guys, this is for you. If you’re curious, feel like starting something that you think you’ll love but never dared to try, you just have to do one thing, stop and think…

…what about me, what am I waiting for to say, ‘’I KNIT’’?

Join the #realmenknit movement

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