9 years!


September is here and it is time to stop for a moment to look back at these years together with you…and it has been 9 years!

Full of surprises, like our first WAK BOOK, more than 210 collections, more than 60 free patterns, a brick-and-mortar store in Paris, collaborations with our favorite designers, events where we got to meet you in person… ultimately, 9 years on an emotional roller coaster that would not have been possible without you.

This year has been unusual for all of us, no one could imagine how much we value hugs and friends in our daily lives. In spite of it all, we have learned to compensate, we recycled ourselves and have evolved. We are much better, both inside and out. The knitter community in 2020 has grown enormously compared to other years, on social media alone we reached 1 million knitters! This is reflected every day by the support we receive from you.

Thank you for choosing us, thank you for being part of WAK!

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