We at We Are Knitters have a deeply rooted tradition that at the end of each year, we like to look back and remember what we’ve experienced through the year.

To remember and be thankful for all those lived moments among us knitters— collaborations with the most prominent yarn-fluencers on the international scene, our Knitting Parties with you where we put together a face to a voice and share stories. In short, endless events that 2020 has brought us.

2020 has taught us to PUSH ON (and we say it in capital letters). This year, we have all had very tough challenges. It’s taken moments with friends and family, celebrations, hugs and much more.

But it has also been a year of OVERCOMING. We have learned to value everything in an extraordinary way, to be close to our people when there was only distance. We’ve reinvented ourselves every day, we’ve come to know ourselves better, and we’ve learned to nurture ourselves both inside and out.

For WAK, it has not been a wasted year. We have had hundreds of obstacles, and in each of them, we always had the unconditional support of our knitters supporting and motivating us at every step. We hope we have done our bit for you too.

It’s been a record year for new followers on Instagram—over 1 million! We are once again number 1 in our category on digital platforms. Thanks to all our knitters, we can go around the world in a matter of minutes on Instagram and Zoom.

We’re sure that 2021 will come with many promises for everyone. We know that whatever they are, we will face them once again together.

From each member of the We Are Knitters team, we want to express our deepest condolences for all the victims of COVID-19, and we hope that we have made the time we have all spent at home a little more bearable.

From each member of the We Are Knitters team, we want to thank you for continuing to trust us.

And remember that we must continue to take care of ourselves: Stay home and #ChooseJoy. 🙂

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