Our favorite time of year has arrived, and with it we must, as is tradition, look back and remember all the surprising things that have happened to us. It’s been a time of change for all of us, and we’ve had to “re-learn” things that we had forgotten, but what better way to do that than with a couple of needles, a crochet hook, or an embroidery needle in hand?

We’ve welcomed new fibers, like The Squishy Yarn, The Twist & Shout, and The Double Trouble Yarn to the WAK family. Each and every one of them with that distinctive WAK style that always meets your needs.

We’ve had the opportunity to work hand in hand with makers that we love, such as @ericagabriellastudio, @violist.knits, and @ashandherknits, … and many more with whom we’ve been able to share inspiration and their vision of the DIY world. To all of them, we dedicate A HUGE “thank you”.

This year we’ve had some very special collaborations as requested by you: Scoutwoven with new weaving kits, Aude Herrard with her embroidery designs, Coco Dávez with her illustrations transformed into Petit Point. And the great surprise of the year– @knitatude and the long-awaited return of our Meripaca was a success!

And finally, we couldn’t say goodbye without thanking you, our biggest fans!! Those of you who continue to choose us through time and fashions, those of you who follow us regardless of the corner of the world where you are, to all of you, THANK YOU.

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