Cotton yarn!


Hello knitters!

Some ideas to use your small balls of WE ARE KNITTERS’ cotton yarn once you are done with your project.

I never know what to do with them, but I always keep them…


1. Cut some pieces of WE ARE KNITTERS’ cotton yarn measuring 40 cm each. Do three big threads with 17 single 35 cm cotton yarns. I had two different colors, so I did one in color A, one in color B and a melted one with both colors. Feel free to play with colors!

2. Tie a knot in one of the ends paying attention not to mix them up.

3. Make a braid

4. Make another knot to fix it and cut the remaining threads in the ends

5. Sew it to your sweater, t-shirt or jacket and repeat this steps for the other pad!

Find here the WE ARE KNITTERS cotton yarn balls!

We loved the idea that gave us L-ink Magazine customizing a jacket with our wool!

Any ideas to customize clothes with wool or cotton?

Have a nice and knitty Sunday!



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