Sweaters’ week!



One of the big news of our WINTER 2012 catalog is the introduction of sweaters. We felt that our knitters were ready for this new challenge.

For some of you it may seem a bit scary knitting a jumper but it is really easy to achieve with our kits.

We want to encourage our biggest followers (the ones that are registered in our web: do it here if you haven’t done it already!) to knit sweaters this week!

Two powerful reasons to buy you favorite sweater kit this week:

Reason #1 addressed to all the knitters: it is a very good time to start if you want to get your sweater ready for the winter!

Reason #2 addressed only to our registered customers (register here!): we are encouraging with a discount on the sweaters: Nolita sweater, LES Sweater and Hudson Shirt (You have to be logged in to buy it!).

1. Nolita Sweater: intermediate level, very easy stitch technique & easy pattern!

LES Sweater: easy pattern, you only have to learn how to knit cable stitch, it is really fun to knit!

3. Hudson shirt: very very easy pattern, you have to learn how to knit bobbles, watch the video KNIT BOBBLES and you will ace you bobbles very soon!

Which one is you favorite? Which one seems to be the easiest to knit for you? And the funniest?

Besos knitters!



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