MINI WAK: Knitting kits for kids!


Good news knitters!!

Almost since the beginning, we have being asked by lots of mommies to create knitting kits for kids….And, today, we are pleased to present today our first kits for kids, called MINI-WAK!!

What is MINI WAK?

MINI WAK is WE ARE KNITTERS’ first collection for kids. It is composed by 6 fashionable kits and styles. The collection includes some of WE ARE KNITTERS’ most successful adult designs, like the Soho’s Snood, now available in its ‘mini’ version, so mum and daughter/son can wear the same scarves and jumpers!.

All models can be knitted using all the wool and cotton colors (fuchsia, turquoise, yellow, red, light green, olive, etc.).

MINI WAK is for children aged between 1 and 14 years.

Picture of the shooting day, thank all the kids that behaved like true models!!

We make some of the adult’s pieces for kids. Mum and son/daughter can wear now the same Soho Snood or the Bryant Scarf!

Can children knit?

Of course they can! Some of MINI WAK’s patterns are so easy to knit that even a child aged 6 will be able to follow them with adult supervision.

In addition, knitting is an unique game that combines many of the ingredients that should enhance the intellectual growth of a child: psychomotor skills, concentration, patience, achievement and of course, fun. Even if they only knit a few rows of the scarf they will wear, they will be as proud as their mothers!

Some questions…and answers!

What’s the easiest design kids could knit? Without a doubt the MINI BRYANT SCARF. They will need to learn how to knit just one type of stitch. The 100% wool kits are probably the best ones; they will see the result faster.

How old must be a kid in order to knit? Kids aged 5 or more can knit their first stitches and finish the first rows. The easiest for them will probably be to knit the stitches that had already been cast on by an adult. Kids aged 8 or more will be able to finish their own scarf, reinforcing their perseverance and their will.

Which kits can be found also in its adult version? MINI Bryant Scarf, MINI Dumbo Snood, MINI Soho’s Snood and MINI Laguna Sweater.


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