WE ARE KNITTERS @ AD – Arquitectural Digest


Hi knitters!

We hope you had a really nice start into 2013 with lots of dancing, champagne and why not? Knitting!

We celebrate the beginning of this new year by featuring for the second time in one of our favorite magazines: AD – Arquitectural Digest!

We didn’t know they were going to use our super cool wool for their photo shoot. When we discovered it last week while traveling by train it was a really nice surprise!

This photo is part of an interior design calendar photographed by the great Jaime Gorospe. We are featured in October’s ‘room’. This just comes to show that knitting, apart from being relaxing and fun, can also be stylish. You can always use your knitting needles to decorate your living room by (i.e.) placing them in a vase or, in this case, leave your half-knitted project on the main table. But there are endless possibilities, use your imagination!

Happy New Year knitters!



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