Hi knitters!

Last week we got a special call. It was Antena 3, one of the biggest TV channels in Spain. They were really interested on filming one of our famous knitting parties but this time with kids!

It was perfect. We launched very recently our first kids’ collection: MINI WAK. We called some of our friends and their children in order to do kind of a private knitting lesson. They were all up for it!

We gave them hot chocolate (though some of them took advantage and asked for some Coke while their mothers were not looking) and we taught them how to knit.

At first they were all like ‘Oh my gosh, this is so difficult!’ but after trying for a little while they learnt the most basic steps and eventually some of them were able to knit their first row! Isn’t it great? Mummys got the chance to talk with the reporter too about the benefits of having knitting childs at home!

The final coverage was aired on primetime news last Sunday at 9 p.m.

Here you have the link in case you’d like to watch it by yourself (click on part 2; 14′)

Special thanks to Mónica, Bea and Elena for bringing their kids with them and having fun with us and Nati & Esme, our best ambassadors!

The knitting party was held in our second home now, Lo Siguiente (C/Fernando VI nº11). Thank you!!



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