Knitters Series: Marta & Irene


How did you guys start knitting?

Irene: it was probably with our grandma. She is probably the best knitter in the world! Since we were little she taught us how to knit. We did a million things the three of us together. The thing is that I am not a very good student, so my knitting skills are limited!

Marta: well, for obvious reasons it was the same for me, though I have to say that I am the best knitter out of the two of us! Nah, just kidding. Your video tutorials are always very helpful when trying to remember different techniques!

What’s your favorite WE ARE KNITTERS’ kit?

M: I loved your last year’s collection. Being part of the campaign was so much fun…I would have kept all the pieces! If I had to choose I would say the baggy beanies. They look so cool and they are super easy to knit!

I: Mine is the RIVERSIDE VEST. It fits with almost everything and it makes you step out of the crowd. The Double Moss Stitch used to knit it is really beautiful and, although not a basic stitch, it is easy enough even for me! (laughs)

Favorite city.

I: I love my city. I love Madrid. I love traveling to different places but nowadays I wouldn’t change it for any other place on Earth!

M: yeah, the same for me. I’ve been to a lot of different places, but Madrid has that little extra something that makes it so special. But I’m probably biased so…

Favorite song.

M: I’ve always been a David Bowie stan. I’d give an arm if I could see him live back in the Ziggy Stardust days. Songs like ‘Fashion’, ‘Fame’ or ‘Ashes To Ashes’ are definitely on top of my iTunes list.

I: Mmmm I’m very extremist when it comes to music. Probably my favorite song is ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ by Elton John. When partying with my friends I love anything by Juan Magan. I told you I was an extremist girl!

Best concert ever attended.

I: I’m not very fond of attending concerts, but the Black Eyed Peas’ one I went to was so much fun!

M: My favorite ones are probably the little concerts some clubs and pubs have sometimes while you can have a drink. Unknown artists giving their all on stage…I really enjoy those ones.

5 things you always carry in your bag.

I: one thing I cannot go out without is my Narciso Rodriguez perfume. I spread a bit of it every once in a while and I feel much fresher. Pink lipstick, although not blush…I hate that effect. Some drugs for my headaches. My agenda; without it I’m a nobody. And lastly a photo of my husband in my purse…l’amour you know…(laughs).

Best memories.

M: probably when we were little in Sigüenza, the place where we go on holidays since we were young. It was so much fun to build a cabin with trunks, branches and leaves!

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose?

I: my husband! It feels so good when I’m with him, although a girlfriends dinner is something I’m always in!

M: me too! except the husband part as I’m not married! (laughs)

Marta and Irene are wearing a white+grey TRIBECA SNOOD and an olive BRYANT SCARF.

More KNITTERS SERIES coming soon!



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