‘The Secret Project Collection’: inspiration


Hi knitters!

As you may probably already know, las week we launched an all brand new winter collection called ‘The Secret Project’.

We decided to call it ‘The Secret Project Collection’ because it was all very low profile. Not even our families and friends knew we were working on it when we decided to design this collection back in November. We have always been into art and its phycology, so when we were looking for inspiration that’s where we found it. We decided to explore it in more detail.

We are huge fans of artists like Van Gogh, Munch, Modigliani, Picasso, Man Ray and more. Different artists from different eras with different styles but one thing in common: the phycology behind their paintings. We could keep talking about it for hours and it would be a never ending post.

Paintings like Munch’s ‘The Scream’, Dalí’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ were represented in our ‘mood board’ for weeks.

Soon when we contacted our beloved photographer and friend Luana Fischer to talk about its campaign she had a magnificent idea: she was obsessed with Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1975 phycological film ‘The Mirror’. There is this scene in the film where, in Lua’s words “it is early in the morning and the cold wind of the Winter moves the now already dry leaves. A woman looks through her window. She’s blond, young and her melancholic look its the continuation of the landscape”.

“The film, part fictional part autobiographic, sends the viewer to sleep and dream in order to represent in the most loyal way how dreams and memories are perceived in our mind” continues Luana. “Most of the film represents memories of the director, mixed up with his own illusions”.

We looked for the perfect location for the shooting and we found it in the middle of Segovia, in a little town called El Guijar. The nature, the -0ºC temperature and its loneliness represented just like we wanted the effect we were looking for. Animals, a shepherd, the burn wood smell and the wind turned THE WOOL into something more than a material you use to knit. It was something that brought to life the beautiful yet inhospitable surroundings.

Once we had the final result we named all the designs after some of the feelings the paintings and films mentioned suggested: FOLLIE VEST (craziness in French), PARANOIA SCARF, DÉJÀ VU HAT, VERTIGO SWEATER, TRANCE SNOOD, THE SCREAM PONCHO, ILLUSION SWEATER, MEMORY VEST, PSYCHE SWEATER and ABSENTA HOOD.

Hopefully with this post we were capable of transmit our purpose behind this collection and its main inspiration while creating it.

More posts about ‘The Secret Project Collection’ to come very soon.



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