Knitters Series: Begoña


How did you learn knitting?

To tell you the truth I just got started. My mum has been trying to convince me since forever so this past Autumn I decided to give it a try. It’s super addictive!

What’s your favorite WE ARE KNITTERS kit?

I love most of your snoods, they are so warm! In Paris I cannot go out without wearing one of them. It’s super cold outside! My favorite is the NYC COLLAR.

What’s your favorite technique?

I have lots of things to learn, but my 2013 objective is to knit a HUDSON SHIRT, its bobbles look really cool!

Favorite city.

I love New York. It’s a unique city. But now that I live in France I really miss Madrid. C’est la vie!

Best memory.

Definitely  when my parents told my sister and me that we were having a little brother. I remember jumping on the bed as if we were possessed!

Favorite song.

I’ve been always a huge fan of Spanish music. Lately I can’t stop listening to ‘Compás de Espera’ by Los Madison.

Best concert ever attended.

I’ve already seen quite a few people has answered the same, but I loved Coldplay when I saw them playing last year. The staging is amazing!

5 things you always have in your bag.

My iPhone! My purse,  lipstick, keys and if I remember to take them with me: sweets! (laughs)

Perfect company to have dinner with.

My boy of course! (laughs) Even though I love an all girls night out!

Favorite actor.

I’ve always loved Jude Law. He’s so handsome. His filmography is secondary…(laughs).

(Bego is wearing a violet SOHO’S SNOOD and a navy blue FOLLIE VEST)
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