Knitters Series: Ani

How did you learn knitting?
My mother taught me to knit when I was in primary school. I remember trying to make a scarf, but ending up with more of a strange-looking shawl because I accidentally added so many stitches.
What’s your favorite WE ARE KNITTERS kit?
I love the simplicity and ease of the SJP BEANIES. One ball of yarn and a few hours and you’ve got yourself two hats! I’m currently working on the NOLITA SWEATER and I’m so excited to see how it turns out.
What’s your favorite technique?
I am a big fan of the seed stitch. It’s a simple way to add some spice to a knitted garment.
Favorite city
Recently, I got the chance to live in Sydney, Australia and I fell in love. It’s full of beautiful views, people, cafes, and bike-lanes. You simply cannot beat a stroll around the Royal Botanic Garden with a view of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.
Favorite song
Deciding this is a nearly impossible task for me. I love music so much, I feel I’d have to qualify my “favorite” by genre and era. Currently, I’m digging a neo-soul band from Melbourne, called Hiatus Kaiyote and a beautiful soul singer/guitarist called Lianne La Havas. They are all incredibly talented musicians. A couple of my favorite songs are “Nakamarra” (Hiatus Kaiyote) and “They Could Be Wrong” (Lianne). I’d highly recommend a listen!
Best memory
A celebratory camping trip in Joshua Tree National Park with my best friend. Exploring beautiful and bizarre desert scenery, lots of time spent reading “This I Believe” aloud, and driving back up the coast of California listening to nostalgic music.
Best concert ever attended
Again, such a difficult question! I love listening to live music, so I’ll usually deem every new concert I attend my “favorite concert”. But one festival sticks out in my mind– the Treasure Island Music Festival, on Treasure Island (of course :), in San Francisco in 2009. I couldn’t believe how many of my favorite artists played–  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, The Flaming Lips– it was insane!
5 things you always have in your bag
The key to my bike lock, my wallet with my student ID (you never know when it might come in handy), my iPhone, a moleskine planner and a pen.
If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, famous or not, who would you choose?
Probably Stephen Colbert. He’d be far too witty for me to keep up, but it would make for an interesting dinner.
Favorite actress/actor
After watching Les Mis, I think it has to be Hugh Jackman.
More KNITTERS SERIES to come very soon!
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