Knitting Party in San Francisco, CA

Hi knitters!
The first ever San Francisco WE ARE KNITTERS “Knitting Party” was a smashing success! Inside the quirky, cool store, Urban Bazaar, WAK enthusiast, Ani, taught the basics of knitting to a diverse group of students. Everyone learned to cast-on and knit the garter stitch to make a fun headband for the summer. Energy and smiles abound.
San Francisco Knitting Party
After fussing around with their needles a bit, everyone got the hang of it and were knitting cotton like pros by the end of the 2.5-hour session!
San Francisco Knitting Party
Everyone had such a good time that we decided to have another workshop on May 22 at 7pm at Urban Bazaar, and this time to work with the incredible wool from WAK. We can’t wait!
San Francisco Knitting Party
Watch out world, WAK is taking over!
Knitting Party San Francisco
With wooly love from foggy SF,
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