Knitting Party in Barcelona!


Hi knitters!

We are super happy to announce the next Knitting Party we are celebrating: it will be in Barcelona, this coming Thursday June 6 at 7 pm.

It will take place at Kiehl’s boutique in Paseo de Gracia 33.

This Knitting Party is part of the project we are doing both brands alongside Fundación Pequeño Deseo. What we will accomplish is to turn into reality an ill little kid’s wish.

You can bring with yourselves your knitting projects and knit a little piece to create the ‘Kiehl’s Solidarity Tree’: each piece will be placed in the front side of this particular Kiehl’s boutique, creating a tree made of wool!

 Goya Toledo, Alvaró Bultó, Leticia Dolera & Mr. Bones have already knitted their pieces. Want to join us?



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