The benefits of knitting


Hi knitters!

Today we would like to share with you some of the benefits you will get from your knitting experience!

Just like our slogan says (All the happiness in a kit), WE ARE KNITTERS kits will give you the happiness all of us are looking for. Not only our wool yarn balls, our easy-to-follow patterns and our designs, will help you find this sense, but knitting is in itself a well-being activity.

Lots of authors have recently researched this fact all over the world. Knitting is not seen as an ancient and old fashioned activity anymore. It is young women and men the ones whom are knitting with wool and cotton their own clothes now. Apart from the garment they create, they get lots of additional benefits.

These are some of the results knitting will have on you:

On a phicological level, knitting has some advantages for those used to have a pair of needles in their hands. The sound of the needles and the sliding wool are considered as an alternative way of meditation. Its almost-Zen quality enables the knitter to isolate her/him from its preocupations and concentrate on a simple movement.

Another phicological advantage for those knitting is the self-confidence sense it gives. In a world ruled by technology and already-finished-for-us products, the mere posibility to create something with your own hands is considered a real luxury: it give knitters a self-confidence and positive sense that allows them to face challenges and different situations in their personal and professional life.

Apart from this benefits, knitting can have a physical influence too: a decreasing heart rate, a slower breathing and an improvement on her/his manual skills. Because of all these positive effects, knitting has been recommended for people suffering from depression, chronic disease or even for elderly people.

Knitting has also turned to be the favourite activity among some youngsters. You can always knit your project while chatting with some friends, listening to some music or watching TV. Lack of free time is something very common nowdays, so to be able to practice some of your favourite activities at the same time is something very atractive among young people.

Because all of this, we feel honored to be part of the ‘knitting revolution’ going on right now. With our top-quality wool and Pima cotton we at WE ARE KNITTERS encourage people from all ages to start knitting as soon as possible!



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