New fall 13 collection catalog!


¡Hi Knitters!

We have ready the brand new catalog of the collection of fall that we will launch soon. It has a total of 7 models for our knitting kits of the chunky wool from Peru and for all the knitting levels.

For  you knitters who are subscribed to our newsletter, as you already know we have no secrets with you and we will send by email before the lunch! So you can choose in advance your favorite knitting kits models!

We will send it on Sunday 31st August. If you are not subscribed and you want to receive it …You still have time! You just have to subscribe here.

This is the first of all the news we have prepared for this new season, we will notice you of  all of them by email so that you will know before anyone else, and also the special offers only for subscribers that we have every week.

Have you needles ready, knitters?


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