Wool Creation Process



Wool yarn balls are part of your world, and you can’t imagine your life without them. But, do you really know the necessary creation process to get this yarn ball? In this post we explain you every step-to-do.


Sheep  shearing

When winter ends, sheep don’t need their natural protection anymore. When spring begins, shears cut off the wool. Sheep are now fresh to confront the summer heat. The kind of wool we use is a Peruvian wool which is obtained from a sheep breed crossed with two others (one native and another imported). The main characteristic of these sheep is that they grow between 2.500 and 4.000 meters above sea level.


As you imagine, wool is dirty. For higienical reasons, scourers hand-wash wool with hot water and some disinfectant product to remove all the wastes and dirt.


It consists in stretching wool fragments softly and carefully, to obtain fibres. We mean, they are carded and then brushed. They are ready for the next step



Wool fibres are mixed and twisted until you get the wished thickness. Generally speaking, we use a spindle or a spinning wheel.



We spill a product for which obtain dye in a pot with boiling water. Once water has dyed, we put in the wool and let boil some time to take colour. White colour of our wool tends to be more pure than others, so they can be dyed in a wide range of colours.


Wool is twisted once again, to give it the final touch.

And it’s over! We already have a yarn wool ball with the chosen colour. A totally artisan process to get out We Are Knitters’s 100% wool yarn balls

We Are Knitters The Wool


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