The Petite Wool is already here!


One of our features in We Are Knitters is the large wool. We’ve always loved our maxi yarn balls. But, talking about this winter, we asked ourselves: Why not trying with thinner wool?


Large wool stitches


For some time we had this idea in our heads, and finally we became it a reality. We can proudly say that our yarn family has new members: the Petite Wool yarn balls.

Between summer cotton and our well-known large wool, one day we realized that we needed a medium term. The Petite Wool is great to knit an intermediate stitch. It’s indicated for knitting clothes with a much thinner and delicate stitch, but with the same quality than We Are Knitter’s large wool.


Petite wool stitches


As its predecessor, the Petite Wool is also made with 100% Peruvian wool. For this reason, the extraordinary softness and the unquestionable quality keep remaining as our main features.

The Petite Wool is great for that people who prefer wool less large, and it’s perfect in template places in winter. In addition, a petite wool yarn ball goes further: you can knit a beanie and two gloves with it. And it goes on more time, so it’s funnier!


Large and petite wool threads


Even most demanding people would feel satisfied with the Petite Wool. As you can knit more defining stitches, you can use it with more advanced techniques: for example, Jacquard stitch. So, you can do your own motifs for clothes: a heart, a star… What you want.


Knitting with both yarn wool balls


You don’t have more excuses for not knitting anymore! We’re sure that the Petite Wool will become a must for veteran and newbie knitters. Enjoy! You can see all the features and available colours here.


Large and petite wool yarn balls

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