WAK experiences in Campaign for Wool 2013


We’re very happy, because we have participated with the fantastic initiative from Campaña por la Lana (Campaign for Wool in Spain). WE ARE KNITTERS is a great supporter of 100% natural wool, and we feel identified with these ideas. In fact, this edition we’ve been a very active part with The Woolmark Company.

Campaign for Wool presentation

This year we had the privilege of collaborating with the pretty international top model Nieves Alvárez. During the presentation, she knitted a lot with our needles and wool yarn balls. She was enchanted by the fine quality of our Chunky Wool..

Campaign for Wool sheep

We don’t like being conventional, so we did an action with the help of Hoss Intropia. Pepita and Alberto were all the Saturday afternoon knitting in a shop window at Serrano street. Moreover, inside the shop we organized a knitting party where we were teaching how to knit. There’s nothing more surprising than walking on the street and see people knitting stitches in a shop window, don’t you think?

Hoss Intropia knitting party

As you know, we love knitting parties. So, we were in some classes with Campaña por la Lana. There, we explained how to knit two wool mittens for this winter.

Knitting party Hoss Intropia & WAK

We enjoyed it a lot, and we hope we could repeat our experience next year. Of course, we have to say thanks to all the people who made it possible. Thank you so much to all the participants!

Knitting party WAK

WAK teachs how to knit

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