Fabric yarn arrives WE ARE KNITTERS


In WE ARE KNITTERS, we’re always investigating new ways of knitting. So, we can’t resist to the last knitting trend: knit with fabric yarn. It will be the sensation of this season!

This yarn comes from recycled threads. So, we have joined to the recycling movement. With fabric yarn, you can knit with the usual passionate attitude, but in an eco-friendly way.

Fabric yarn

Fabric yarn balls

Moreover, we love fabric yarn because of its particular consistency. More resistant than wool, it’s recommendable for creating your own decorative objects. For example, rugs or baskets. It’s also indicated for costume jewelry and other accessories.

Fabric yarn is inexpensive, but it’s very exclusive too. It comes from unique materials, so colors are limited too. WE ARE KNITTERS team suggests to be completely sure about the yarn balls you would need. When the dye lot finishes, it won’t be probably back again. You’re advised!

Fabric yarn creation

We’re convinced about our fabric yarn quality, so we have a very special welcome offer. You can buy two yarn balls for only 13,9 €! Each yarn balls costs 8 €, so you will save 3 €. Get this special promotion! 😉

Neon Yellow yarn ball

Light Pink yarn ball

Neon Pink yarn ball

Grey yarn ball

You can share your creations made with fabric yarn on our social media profiles, using the hashtag #weareknitters. Join the knitting revolution!

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