Cold ‘knitting party’ with Neutrogena


Last February 7th we celebrated a new WAK knitting party, but this was a quite different! In this knitting party, we taught how to knit our Chunky wool in a winter ambient: at Ice Bar’s., in Madrid. If you don’t know it, this is a bar where you have low temperatures inside. You can see ice everywhere, and you can feel temperatures of -7º C and below. Everything sponsorised by Neutrogena.

Ice Bar logo

WAK + Neutrogena

Ice, ice...

Once we have entered, we found a beautiful entrance, similar to a ski resort. We stayed on one of the coolest zones, but we could defeat flu thanks to a warm chimney. We enjoyed some delicious cupcakes with orange juice and warm teas.

Just like a ski resort

Orange juice for everyone


The event started with a demonstration about Neutrogena creams on the skin. We could check how the softness on our skin is similar to the softness of our 100% Peruvian wool. A great combination to survive a hard winter!

WAK + Neutrogena

And after that, it’s time for knitting! We knitted a Strelitzia Scarf, a XXL wool scarf made using rib stitch. A fashionable but practical option for defeating winter coldness. The final result was great and the ambient was really confident, we can say it was an unforgettable evening!

Learning to cast on

Learning to knit

Esther teaching how to knit

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WAK wool yarn ball

WAK wool yarn ball+ cupcakes

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