How to make a buttonhole?


Hi knitters!

Today we show you how to make a buttonhole in your garments made with WAK wool knitting kits.

The first step is calculating the button measure, superimposing it on the wool garment. If button width is –for example- 4 stitches, then you have to make a buttonhole with a measure of 3 stitches. So, it won’t be too big and the button will be well supported

Knit until you want the buttonhole begins. Then, cast off the following 3 or 4 stitches –it depends on the size you want for the hole- and keep on knitting as usual the rest of the row.

In the next row, where you started to cast off the stitches in the previous row, cast on the same number of stitches you cast off before.

So, you will increase the missed stitches to create the “hole”. Keep on knitting the row as usual and… Yay! You already have a beautiful buttonhole in your wool garment!

More free patterns, knitting techniques and new stitches, coming soon in WE ARE KNITTERS.

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