Popcorn with a crochet needle


Hi knitters!

Today we show you how to make popcorn with a crochet needle for your wool knitted garments
It’s very easy, you only have to knit in your favorite stitch until you reach the row, and using this stitch where you prefer the popcorn begins.
Slip a stitch in your WAK crochet needle and knit 2 chains, and then 4 double crochet
Then, take the needle out and pass it to the first stitch you made with the last stitch, and weave them in the ends with a slip stitch
Take the stitch without taking the crochet needle out, and pass the stitch to the right knitting needle, with the help of this needle
Now you have your popcorn! You can repeat this process all the times you want, to have different drawings and reliefs
More tutorials, free patterns and knitting tips…Coming soon in WE ARE KNITTERS
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