Pompons of different shapes


Hello knitters!

Today we are going to teach you how to make pompoms… in different shapes! You can use the yarn that you have left over from one of your WAK kits to create fruits, pyramids, or whatever else you can think of! They can be used as handmade, original decorations.

In order to make a strawberry, cut two pieces of card in this shape (photo) and wrap the yarn around them in the way we taught you to create the look of the seeds with fine white yarn and the leaves with fine green yarn.

lana petite

Cut through the yarn in between the two pieces of card and put a strand of wool through the middle; tie a knot to create the “pompom” and cut the leftover wool, creating a more pointed part at the bottom to make the shape of the strawberry.

kit para tejer pompones

What do you think about making grape pompoms? All you have to do is make a bunch of small pompoms (using card with a diameter of 4-6 cm) and join them as if they were a bunch of grapes. With green yarn you can make the leaves and the stem of the grapes.

kit para tejer pompones

kit para tejer pompones

kit para tejer pompones

In order to make a pyramid-shaped pompom, you just have to create a pompom using two pieces of rounded card, each with a diameter of 8cm, and then give them a triangular shape with some scissors… you can join 3 pyramids by threading a piece of yarn through the middle of each one with the help of a little sewing needle in order to create a fun mobile to hang up.

kit para tejer pompones

Now you have your collection of fun WAK pompoms!

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