How to knit with double strand?


Hi knitters!

Today we are teaching you how to knit your wool or cotton garments using double strand.

We normally use double strand to make garments of a greater thickness or to create a spotted effect if you mix two colors. It’s also a great option for knitting cotton with 8mm WAK wooden knitting needles or for knitting fine wool with 15 mm needles.

To avoid mixing up the strands of wool or cotton, a good way to start knitting with the same color is to take the thread from both ends of the yarn ball and join the two ends as if they were one. In this way you won’t make a mess of the yarn ball.

If you have to knit with double strand in two colors, grab two yarn balls in the color scheme that you need and take one end of each yarn ball, put them together and start to knit as if you were doing so with only one strand… you will get a lovely spotted effect.

If you need to change the yarn ball, you can do it as if you were knitting with only one thread.

We hope that you try this technique with your next WAK knitting kit…. And show us the results!

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